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Whats the pointe?

Whats the pointe?

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Yesterday, a lady looked me up and down, glared at my skirt length and then gave me the most despising look ever. She was an Asian lady, dressed in a traditional hijab and a beautiful long, flowing dress.

I really did not appreciate this. It kind of made me feel shit, as you would imagine.

I’ve put this post on the blog I rarely use because I dunno if people will have negative opinions of me for saying this but…is this fair? I would never dream of looking or staring at any women or man of a different culture or the same culture on how they’re dressed. I know I’m in the minority here in having experienced this but I guess people must remember it works both way. How crappy I would’ve made her feel had I given her a disapproving glare, made me feel equally as crappy.

And to add, I am not being racist and I don’t mean to reinforce any racial stereotypes. I want all communities to get along and I believe it comes from both sides. I do not appreciate being looked down upon for my clothing, as I’m sure nobody does. It’s just rude.

I actually read tumblrs new terms of use/privacy policy/community thingy just because it’s tumblr and they make me laugh just by how chilled they are

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finally it’s back on my dash!

But this is so true


my favourite thing is when you’re kissing and you slowly move down to their neck, then you slowly bite down and rip off their head and dance in their blood

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